Let the story begin!

Let's get started

This is my first post in my first blog ever. So, to make a quick introduction I am going to set some rules that I am going to follow.

First of all, this blog is about technologies and everything around them. There are many good software developers, DevOps engineers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers, etc., who are focusing solely on their area of interests or expertise, but to advance your career tech itself (or narrow the focus area) is not enough. Technologies are not standalone, they live with people, who are quite complex creatures. So, you may also expect topics about technological mindset, business aspects of technologies, corporate politics, people relationships, etc.

Initially, I planned to write posts to explaine complex things in a simple language, but then I realized that I want to go a bit deeper from time to time, so I am going to differentiate my articles. Complex articles will be categorized as “Learning” and marked with the “Advanced content” tag.

I decided to create a possibility for you to share your thoughts and provide feedback in the comments. However, I want you to remember that power comes with responsibility, so please do not write aggressive, abusive, racist and etc. comments, otherwise you will be banned.

Also, I need to warn you... English is my third language, so the text can be a little rough to read, but I will do my best to become a better writer. I promise!

With this said, let’s the story begin!